Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shockadins on WoW Insider

Last night WoW Insider posted an article about a Shockadin build for 40/0/21, and is catching a lot of flak for it, saying the author didn't do enough research, etc. Research? That's what we're here for. Let's take a look-see! (Remember this data is not up-to-the-second accurate. This is data obtained a couple of months ago.)

Quick numbers for non-clickers: 1412/69338 level 70 paladins share this spec. That's barely over 2%.

Since I haven't even touched my pally since the BC talent trees came out, I can't comment much.

The top build is shared by 20 people. In the Holy tree, the top build ditches 2/2 Improved Lay on Hands and 3/3 Sanctified Light in favor of 5/5 Improved Seal of Righteousness. Not having ISoR seems to be a common complaint in the article's comments, so that's consistent. As for the Retribution tree, the top build puts 3/3 in Improved Seal of the Crusader, 5/5 Deflection (instead of 3/5), and 3/3 Crusade (instead of 2/3), ditching Conviction and Seal of Command.

The first negative comment seems to be close to the voice of the "majority" of the spec. However, the third build does forgo ISoR....

So? Is there a valid criticism for WoWI not doing their homework? In the end, these types of situations are exactly what I'm trying to address.

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