Wednesday, June 6, 2007

1st Million - Mages

Mages, or as some would say, the real "glass cannons" make up 42,448 of our level 70 pool. Let's get right to the numbers:

  1. 40/21/0 - 3859 (9.09%)
  2. 10/48/3 - 3187 (7.51%)
  3. 40/0/21 - 3120 (7.35%)
  4. 0/0/61 - 2172 (5.12%)
  5. 33/28/0 - 1711 (4.03%)
  6. 17/0/44 - 1611 (3.80%)
  7. 10/0/51 - 1392 (3.28%)
  8. 41/20/0 - 1261 (2.97%)
  9. 21/40/0 - 983 (2.32%)
  10. 2/0/59 - 950 (2.24%)

Some interesting numbers pop out from the builds. Only 3 of the 100 builds here exceed 1% of the class in size, and 2 of them are 10/48/3. The only difference between those 2 builds is a single point in Fire. The top build takes 1/3 Improved Fire Blast, and second place goes to a 1/2 Blazing Speed. And to even further show consolidation, third place puts that point in 1/5 Impact.

The third build that exceeds 1% of the class size is 0/0/61, full on Frostiness. You really can't get much deeper than that. (only Frost Warding and Frozen Core are skipped)

In terms of spec, the top 10 leans towards Arcane. 23.4% of mages have a top 10 spec and focus on Arcane. Only 7.5% are Fire, and 14.4% are Frost. As compared to all level 70 mages, of which 40% are Arcane, 31.1% are Fire, and 28.6% are Frost. The remaining 67 of you mages have no specialization at all. (and 8 of those had no talents chosen at all!)


Kaziel said...

The Arcane tree, both talents and spells, are interesting. The Arcane damaging spells aren't really mana efficient enough to be used as primary spells in PvE. As a result, those who spec in arcane need to rely on Scorch, Fireball, or Frostbolt as their mainstay spell. This is why prior to the expansion there were few people with 31 points in the Arcane tree.

After the expansion, the Arcane talent tree was expanded to include many general talents. Talents like Arcane Potency, Spell Power and Mind Mastery were added, which allowed someone who went up the arcane tree to put out similar DPS with their primary non-arcane spell of choice compared to someone who had 31+ points in the fire or frost tree.

Also, as a result of the higher portion of the Arcane talent tree having many cross-tree boosting spells it allows for more flexibility than other talent specs. Come across a frost immune mob and you're a frost mage? You're pretty fooked. If you're Arcane/Frost you can pull out Scorch and still do some good. Maybe not as good as if you had Frostbolt to use, but better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

I would like to discuss the arcane tree in greater depth as most people took frost/fire while leveling and did not change it. I would like to point out that this is not such a great idea since the expansion and the introduction of the new mage spells. In this post I would like to address the arcane tree and how it is often overlooked as costing too much and not dealing enough damage.
Arcane blast is a useful spell as it does more damage than any other spell for less mana (check it you will see). (Unbuffed)Thus you need to use just enough to be mana efficient and just enough to do a greater amount of damage. 7 second cooldown for the debuff. The arcane mages I have met have concurred and recommend
arcane blast-> arcane missiles-> and scorch (with or without imp. scorch)
when clearcasting procs use arcane missiles
This is my way of showing my support for arcane specc. I do not see very many people who try it. but it deals quite a bit of damage. And has the potential to deal more than fire or frost in raid environments. Plus arcane produces less agro as you can see from the talents your threat is reduced by 40% initially and more with buffs.
I would like for arcane to actually be considered as a logical choice instead of a waste of time.