Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Build Shop up - Hunter 5/13/43

WoWInsider's Build Shop has a new build up, conveniently enough a hunter build. Let's take a look.

Well, I'm up to almost 2 million characters, and guess what: no one's got this build. In fact, only 45 characters even have this *spec*. Needless to say, none of them share a build. This leads me to believe this build was submitted either as a theory or a joke.

So what have we got? Part of me questions putting points in BM at all if you're going for an uber-CC build, since why do you need to worry about attack speed if your enemies are always under control? I would think those 5 points would be better off in either Mortal Strikes (otherwise why did they bither putting 5 points in Lethal Shots?) or horror of horrors, Imp Stings to pump up Wyvern Sting.

And since we're getting into the MM tree, why no points in Efficiency? Mana's a concern, since you're going to be tossing lots of spells around, so I would think Efficiency would be a priority. Go For the Throat is fine, I guess, but again, given the implied intent of the build, we don't care about damage, we don't care about pets, so putting those points in Imp Feign Death seems like it might be better (I know, Imp FD is bogus, I'm just saying) for dealing with loss of control when 4+ enemies are involved.

Tier 1 in SV is an exercise in trying to get to higher tiers. Sure, two points in Savage Strikes, but the other 3 points can go wherever. I'm guessing Humanoid Slaying was chosen for the same reason Eliah guessed, for PvP. For PvE I'd probably pick Hawkeye too. :P Tier 2 and Tier 3 are more of the same, Entrapment, Imp Wing Clip and Clever Traps are necessary. 5 points in Survivalist is tier fodder and extra health can't hurt. Trap Mastery is key to the intent, Survival Instincts and Killer Instinct are tier fodder but are the best of what's available. Resourcefulness is key for long fights. Lightning Reflexes gets you to Wyvern Sting, so you might as well grab Expose Weakness for more damage and to get you up to Master Tactician and Readiness. I would think that filling out Thrill of the Hunt would be useful (again, the whole mana thing) but overall I feel this is a build to mess around with and not a particularly serious one.


s4dfish said...

As you mentioned, that build is a joke. I'm shooting for something similar, in terms of numbers, but those point choices are a joke...

J said...

Agreed, that is a silly build. There are better places for.... most of the points in all the trees.

And call me an oddball but I'm a fan of Imp. FD. 4% seems insignificant but the resist rate on mobs up to +2 is already so small you're talking about adding hours in between FD resists, as they are bound to happen.