Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Standardizing Armory data storage

There are a number of projects out there to fetch and operate on Armory data. However, there doesn't seem to be much interaction between these projects. The simplest way to cache Armory data is to just fetch the 5 XML files for each character and store them as blobs in a table. However, that's not really conducive to doing complex queries and searching it doesn't scale. I'm working on a database representation of character data (arena teams is on the table next) and I'm wondering if anyone else out there is interested in working on this. The goal is to create a freely available database schema that any Armory-related project could take advantage of for reasonably quick offline searching. If you're interested, drop me a line at Once the schema's done, then work can begin on a fetch and management library for various scripting languages. (perl, php, python, ruby, etc.)


Anonymous said...

did this ever happen?

Kuroshiro said...

I wish it had. I'm still working on this, and a new framework to manage cached armory data.