Thursday, May 24, 2007

Build Diversity

I'm running some queries against the data as it's being updated, and I have to say the thing that surprises me most (even though it shouldn't) is the sheer diversity that's represented once you drill down past "A/B/C". People throw around "cookie-cutter" specs but realistically there's no such thing due to the sheer number of possible builds within a given spec. For example, right this second I've got 283 "41/20/0"-specced Hunters. But of those 283 Hunters, there are 236 unique builds. The most popular build is shared by only 7 characters. I'm trying to come up with a way to calculate the number of possible builds given a particular spec and it makes my head hurt.


Borrodir said...

Can I request a check? BRK was challenged on his site to find anyone with a build like the posters. You can see it all here:

It sounds like someone perfectly matching any spec (much less this one) is rare, but I'd really like to see if at least one other hunter out there uses this spec.


Kuroshiro said...

Out of 4,868 hunters at this second, 38 of them have a spec of 7/48/6. As to the specific build show in the post's image, I have only one hunter that matches it exactly. I have a couple million more characters to process, so we'll see how many more show up.

The hunter in question is Arysa of Elune, which just happens to be my server.

Nibuca said...

Rather than comparing all the different possibilities of 41/20/0 it would be more interesting to look at the percentage of builds that are deep (31+ points in a single tree) which skills did they take most often.

Knowing that 80% of "Protection paladins" skipped Improved Devotion Aura is way more interesting than knowing the exact builds they used.

Also interesting to see the percentage comparison between protection paladins who have taken the new Improved Holy Shield (ie, those who have respec'd since the 2.1 release).

Kuroshiro said...

nibuca: Agreed. There's a lot of data here, and any number of ways to slice and dice things. Starting out, the simple "what's the most popular build" is interesting as a jumping off point for discussion, but in the end I want to get to questions like yours, "what talents are valued?" Llew Mason's done a first pass (link is to the last of the series so you can jump to the class you prefer) where he looks at deep builds and what percentage of them put any points in a given talent. I will run that test as well when all the data comes in, and I'll also run the same query with all points in a given talent.