Saturday, May 26, 2007

Interim Snapshot - Hunters

So far I've imported data for 347,000 characters. Only 2.6 million more to go :P I did a quick scan of the top hunter builds so far and from a spec point of view, the data isn't so far out of whack from what Llew posted awhile back.

The columns of the table are as follows: (sorry for using a link, I can't seem to get the DHTML popups working on Blogger)

  1. Build/Spec - The text is the spec, the link and popup shows the build.
  2. Number with Build - The number of hunters using this exact build.
  3. Number with Spec - The number of hunters that have this spec (X/Y/Z)
  4. Build %age - The percentage of hunters that have this exact build (for this snapshot, that's out of 14000)
  5. Spec %age - The percentage of hunters that have this exact spec.

Later I'll post some snapshots for the other classes. Leave a comment if there's other small bits of information you might be interested in

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