Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What numbers do you want to see?

I've been posting about the kinds of numbers I want to run against the data, but the bigger question is, what sort of information do you want to find out about the particular builds of the US WoW population? Llew's run some numbers on the most popular talents, acrost builds specializing (spending 31 or more talent points) in a given tree. It might be worth looking at talent popularity regardless of specialization. Also, what about levelling builds? No one really seems to want to talk about those much, but running a comparison of builds at 20,30,40,50 and 60 could be enlightening. And just how many 60s are there still, anyway? (Roughly 45,000 out of the 900,000ish characters I have so far, roughly 5%. I know of at least 4 of them though that are waiting in the wings while I get my first character to 70... :P) Is it possible there are people who didn't buy the expansion? If you look at the shelves of my local Fry's, you would think no one at all stood in line hundreds deep to get The Burning Crusade. There are at least a hundred Collector's Editions alone, and untold more regular editions. But I digress. What is it you want to know?


Nibuca said...

Not sure what exactly you can access.. but assuming it's everything in the Armoury:
- What is the most popular weapon per build/class?
- What are the most popular enchantments? per build/class?
- What is the most popular armor set (which pieces occur most regularly) per build/class?
- Which factions are favored most (Revered/exalted) by which build/class?

Kuroshiro said...

Welllll, this is the Build Mine, after all, so on this first pass I just grabbed basic information and talent information. (each tab of data on Blizzard's website requires fetching an XML file from the armory, and each additional file would increase my import time by approximately 8 days. I thought it better to get the data I'm most interested in first, then go back and start importing the other data.

That having been said, your questions are definitely interesting. I'd be most inclined to look at faction data first, followed by enchantments and then armor. Llew's already taken a stab at weapon data, so I'll probably leave that till last.

Nibuca said...

Thought of another (that would probably tickle BRK's fancy). Hunter pets. Which occur most often (cats duh), who trains who to do what.