Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pre 2.1: Most Popular Builds - Hunter

Just to get it out of the way, Here are the top 5 hunter builds:

  1. 6 characters: 7/45/9 - A Marks build, but steals 5/5 Improved Aspect of the Hawk from BM, and 3/3 from each of Monster Slaying/Humanoid Slaying/Hawk Eye. The Marks talents are pretty much what you'd expect, except the omission of Rapid Killing.
  2. 5 characters: 5/47/9 - Swaps out BM's Focused Fire for Rapid Killing. 'Cause you know, MM Hunters don't need pets. :P
  3. 4 characters: 7/45/9 - Minor adjustments from Build 1. 5/5 Improved Concussive Shot, so these characters are probably on PvP realms.
  4. 4 characters: 7/45/9 - This one's even weirder. 1/5 in Improved Hunter's Mark? 2/2 Go For The Throat, even though there's almost no other talents chosen to improve pet DPS? You got me on this one.
  5. 4 characters: You guessed it, 7/45/9 - 3/5 Improved Arcane Shot? I give up.
So the top 5 builds are shared amongst 16 players out of a total of 2,084. Less than 1% of Hunters represented in this sample. I can only hope this is an anomaly and the full data will show different results. Anyone want to argue in favor of these builds, because I sure can't.

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