Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pre 2.1: Most Popular Builds - Priest

You know the drill: 1,849 level 70 priests. And the top 5 builds are:

  1. 25 characters: 0/0/61 - Over the Discipline, past the Holy, nothing but Shadow. Everything in the tree except Shadow Resilience.
  2. 10 characters: 0/0/61 - Second verse, same as the first. Skips Improved Fade instead.
  3. 9 characters: 7/0/54 - Ditches both of the above and Spirit Tap in favor of Unbreakable Will and everybody's favorite talent, Improved Power Word: Fortitude.
  4. 8 characters: 23/38/0 - Discipline/Holy. It looks like Discipline is just to get Improved Divine Spirit, which makes it impossible to climb up all the way to Circle of Healing Holywise.
  5. 7 characters: 0/2/59 - 2/2 Healing Focus, then all over Shadow. This one kind of confuses me since going almost entirely Shadow implies to me that the character would be in Shadowform almost always but it's been awhile since I pulled out my priest so I could be wrong.

59/1,849 represented in the top 5 priest builds. Just under 3.2%. What do you think about these builds?

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Raldan said...

I'm not too surprised by 2/2 healing focus. It's probably more oriented toward solo or small group PvP as it can be very useful to drop out of shadowform to throw a few flash heals on yourself. At least that was my feeling when I was shadow.