Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pre 2.1: Most Popular Builds - Warrior

Ok, here we go, last one. "Warrior, come out and play-ay!"..... 2,430 warriors, the largest number of 70s in this pre 2.1 sample. Let's get it on:

  1. 11 characters: 5/5/51 - Clearly a tanking build. Deflection from Arms, Cruelty from Fury, and everything from Protection except Tactical Mastery, Improved Revenge, Improved Disarm, and Improved Shield Bash.
  2. 9 characters: 8/5/48 - crawl up to Improved Thunderclap in Arms, and ditch Improved Bloodrage, Improved Taunt and Improved Shield Wall for Tactical Mastery.
  3. 8 characters: 5/0/56 - Give up on Fury and grab everything from Protection except Tactical Mastery.
  4. 7 characters: 35/23/3 - Enough up Arms for Mortal Strike, but I don't know enough about warriors to comment beyond that. Regardless, seems like an odd distribution, numerically.
  5. 6 characters: 11/0/50 - Another Protection build, it adds Improved Heroic Strike to Arms, and all over Protection except Improved [Bloodrage, Revenge, Disarm, Taunt, Shield Bash]. Warriors have GOT to be sick of saying the word improved....

41/2,430 warriors, and only 1.6% represented in the top 5 builds. Now that 2.1 is live, I'll be crunching data on the 2.5 million characters I have queued up. I suspect it'll be a while. :)


Marrs said...

Interesting. My prot warrior is one of the 9 in the 2nd most popular build. I even came to that build based on my own conclusions. It's too bad you can't search the Armory by build. I'd be curious to poke around at the 8 others using my build.

Also, YES warriors are sick of saying improved. Especially since none of the "improved" talents DO anything as soon as you get past the most BASIC of dungeons. Wanna bet whether ANYTHING in a Heroic instance can be silenced by improved shield bash? IF it can even be interrupted, that is. You want to improve shield bash? Take it out of the global cooldown.

Ino the Mighty said...

wow, #4 is pretty weird.

pure pvp build. trying to generate as much rage and damage as possible between arms and fury, and changing stances in pvp is a must, so they grab tac mastery.

basically i'd call it "heroic strike/death wish" and then when people were confused i'd elaborate. =|